the restoration process

1969 Pro Touring Camaro

This car came to us in the same manor many of our builds do - the owner had finally had it with the amount of time their car had been sitting in another shop receiving sub par restoration work. We started by reassembling the body panels and properly aligning the doors, fenders and hood to correct all gaps. At this point, the owner decided to upgrade the entire car, front to rear. A new stroked BB489 and TH400 transmission were purchased while we replaced the entire chassis and suspension using fully adjustable tubular control arms, forged drop spindles and 14" Baer brakes. We replaced the stock interior with custom seats, door panels and components, along with a Dakota Digital Dash. All repairs were primed, blocked and prepped for the Hugger Orange paint job that finished off this project and made us proud to deliver to the owner, who's 25 year long dream had finally come true!